The Life and Times of $McDuck

Marco Barlotti marcobar at
Fri Oct 20 12:17:28 CET 1995

Don Rosa's  "Lo$" is being published now in Italy for the first time, on a
Monthly base. October is the month of "King of Copper Hill", and I have a
question; when Rockeduck Senior takes the judge to Scrooge's place, on the
cart the Judge is reading Chapter 2 of Lo$! Is that a mistake of the
translators? Rosa seems not likely to have mixed up things this way! Maybe
the judge is reading the Autobiography of Scrooge's Uncle ("Mani Buche" is
the Italian name). Can anyone (maybe Don Rosa himself)  help me solve this
doubt? Thank you.
In case Don Rosa has bothered to read up to this point, I have another
question for him. I was shocked to see (in the Don-Rosa file at the Disney
archive) that he sets Scrooge's death in 1967. Of course, that is when Barks
retired; but is there more? I mean is there a story where this happens?
And... did HD&L effectively inherit Scrooge's fortune? What are they doing
now? (By the way, does Scrooge's death in 1967 make "invalid" all subsequent
Italian stories which are clearly set in the 70's, 80's and 90's ?). Anyway,
until I get proof beyond any reasonable doubt, I still am convinced that
Scrooge is alive and well, since he drunk a lot of water from the Fountain
of Youth when nobody (not even Barks and Rosa) was seeing him. 

Marco Barlotti - Dept. of Math. - Univ. of Florence - Italy

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