Australian King Scrooge McDuck

Daniel van Eijmeren daniel at
Fri Oct 20 15:26:26 CET 1995


While looking in the television-guide (Veronica #42) I saw an article 
of which I thought it could be interesting to read for you. 

We have here in Holland the Veronica-channel. For the weekly programm 
"Veronica Goes Down Under" they send their presentators to Australie 
to make documentaries there. The presentators also write a little 
piece about their programm in the Veronica TV-guide.

This is wat Gert Berg wrote:

    "Camera-man Mark van 't Woud and I are sent to an obscure
    mission. We sit in the Greyhound-bus for hours, looking for a
    prince with his own empire, his own banknotes, stamps and
    passports. We find him: Prince Leonard, almost seventy years old
    and next to it fulltime farmer. After a quarrel with the
    Australian government about a piece of land, he certified himself
    independent. His ground, ten times the area of Monaco, became
    seperated with fences from the rest of Australia. When the
    Australian government threatened to expropiate his land, he
    declared war on them. "Now it's peace again", he says. And his
    only soldier at the time of our visit is at family in Sydney. His
    wife, the princess, ... a kind of slatternly woman on bath-
    slippers, does know our [Dutch] queen Beatrix. Not that they ever
    met each other, but she *is* a kind of colleague of her. Isn't

What do you think of *this*? The idea of Scrooge to become a king of
his own land is not that unreal as we might have tought! ;-) Reading 
the article I wondered what Prince Leonard would think if he reads 
Don's story "King Scrooge the First"? Maybe he would also try to 
get his tax back? ;-)

Would do you think of this article, Don?


--- Daniel

(For our Dutch members, the broadcasting of the programm will be 
on Friday 27 October.)

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