Disney-comics digest #821.

Greg Wright wright at onthenet.com.au
Sat Oct 21 06:39:39 CET 1995

Daniel wrote:
>What do you think of *this*? The idea of Scrooge to become a king of
>his own land is not that unreal as we might have tought! ;-) Reading 
>the article I wondered what Prince Leonard would think if he reads 
>Don's story "King Scrooge the First"? Maybe he would also try to 
>get his tax back? ;-)

        Just to add a little more information, yes there is an 'independent'
state in Australia. It's called The Hutt River Province Principality and
seceded from the rest of the country in 1970 after an argument over wheat
quota's. These day's I think it's more of a tourist attraction than anything
else. They have there own bill of rights, drivers licences, stamps,
currency, passports and they have embassies in 73 countries (according to
them). They also bestow knighthoods and other honours. The whole
Principality is only 295 square miles, small by the standards of some
Australian farms, but then I guess it is bigger than Monaco. ;-)
        The idea of Scrooge declaring his independence from the USA is a
good one.


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