Just some figures

Arthur de Wolf wolfman at pi.net
Sun Oct 22 23:35:26 CET 1995

	I've been reading in this "Disney Magazine Europe"-book. Some
figures are just incredible. What to think of the German "Micky Maus"
which has an average sales of 666,000 copies and an average readership
of 1,650,000. It's not suprising to see that it costs DM 36,000 (over
$50,000?) to have a full advertising page in the German "Micky Maus". 
	I was also surprised to see that in Finland, one-fifth of the
population reads "Aku Ankka". This weekly comic has an average reader-
ship of nearly one million people. 98% of these readers are subscribers, 
while only 2% buy them in kiosks. Those figures are nothing, compared
to Norway, where 1,100,000 of 4,000,000 people read "Donald Duck & Co."
	Now, I also know for sure that Portugese and Brazilian Disney
comics are mixed. It says: "One of the largest publishers in the world,
Editorial Abril, is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Portuguese
market benefits not only from Disney comics imported from Brazil, but
also from locally developed magazines."
	Also Eastern Europe, with a consumer base of 250 million people,
will become an increasingly powerful sector of Europe, and Disney magazines
will be part of the growth for years to come. Russia, for example, has
two Disney comics: Mickey Mouse (MNKKN MAYC) and Ducktales. Each with
an average readership of one million people. And what do you think of
Egypt? I happen to have bought some Egyptian Disney comics yesterday.
Very strange to see the cover on the back side of the issue. ;-)
	Most of the Disney comics are aimed at children. There are some more 
mature magazines though. Especially in Skandinavia and Greece. In Greece, 
they have the monthly Komix, launched in 1988. It has a target age group of 
10 and up. Don already talked about the credits being printed in this 
magazine. The Greek magazines are, in large part, adult collector's items. 
	I had never heard of the British Disney Mirror, a comics supplement
of the Daily Mirror. It has an average sales of 2.5 million!
	Just incredible to see all these figures. Disney comics are sure
becoming more and more popular in Europe. 

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