Disney-comics digest #822.

Mike Pohjola mikep at freenet.hut.fi
Sun Oct 22 19:55:04 CET 1995

    I was in Sweden in Saturday and visited a comics store and what do you know:
They had Walt Disney Giant #1: "Scrooge McDuck in Yukon"! I read it and I have
to tell you this was the second time I ever cried because of a Disney comic-
book. (the first time was when Scrooge's mom died)
    And this was the FIRST time I ever bought an American Disney comic and it
really made me wonder why am I still living in Finland. The dialogue, the
coloring, everything was way better than any Egmont I've seen. But now to
comment on the story and give
                                SPOILERS   to everybody who hasn't read it...
    The episode on page 4 of the story was a real laugh! You really made me
think that guy being Steele. After I saw the real one, though, I remembered who
the guy really was. And if I remember correctly, Jack London wrote "King of
Klondike". Never got to read that book, so who was him? Steele? Well, anyway,
his personality is very funny. And then a real screw-up on your side. You didn't
check, did you? Well, there are no reindeers in Iceland. Iceland is a small
island in the north of the Atlantic Ocean. There are reindeers in Finland,
Sweden, Norway and some parts of northern Russia. And reindeer-like animals
called keribus which live in Northern-most parts of America. (and of course
no-one (except for superhero-fans) would say 'by Thor') The meeting of Goldie
and Scrooge in the bar was superb! He is pretty darn proud, that duck, he is.
And on the last page, Scrooge's last thought... It was so sad that I actually
cried (in the middle of a public square in Stockholm several people staring at


	Mike - The Finnish Trekkie

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