Disney-comics digest #826.

James E. Smith III jsmith3 at host1.dia.net
Thu Oct 26 17:19:47 CET 1995

Dear Disney-fans:

Hello everyone, I just got a notice from Barry Branvold. He asked me to 
tell everyone that he'll be off line for awhile, as he struggles to get 
his account up and running. 

He'll be back. 

Question: Can someone help me identify this Mickey Mouse story, and in 
which comic it last appeared.  It looked like it was written in the 
thirties or forties. The artwork appeared gothic, and it dealt with a 
mystery girl who turned out to be evil, and was also immortal. The story 
closed with a house in flames, and the girl in it.  Clearly, the story 
was a little more "dark" than the the typical Disney story. I think it 
was in a Mickey Mouse comic, but I don't recall the issue number. 


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