DCML vol. #140

Ole Reichstein Nielsen ole.roc at get2net.dk
Wed Apr 19 16:44:39 CEST 2000

> I rather like the work of whoever it is that wrote this Sunday paper
> strip http://www.goulburn.net.au/~alecto/dd.jpg  ,does anyone know who
> it is?

The art style is similar to the back page gags of the early Gladstone
issues (c. 1987) credited to writer Bob Foster and artist Frank Smith,
whose first work on the Sundays was in 1976-1980. It would appear that
Smith has been the regular artist on the strip since then, even if there
have been art by others on occasion, like Daan Jippes and Jørgen Klubien.

The backpage gags are btw not in our database, and except for some
Swedish reprints of 1993 Sundays we don't have very much knowledge
(actually none at all) of the fate of the DD newspaper strip.
It's quite nice to see one copyrighted in 2000, showing that the
duck is alive and well - even if he has gone down and under. :-)

Steve Rowe/Chuck Munson:
Likewise it's very interesting to know that he (the duck) is still
published in the US, though under strange circumstances. One thing
is that the Italian Super Duck ("Paperinik") stories are the ones
Disney considers appropriate for the new millennium, but why on
Earth (or Zandarr or wherever) would they not use the original
Italian stories, when Ducklair Tower, the artificial intelligence
Uno (who only 'looks' a bit like Ludwig Von Drake) and the alien
invasion plot appears to have made the translation successfully?

Perhaps because the Italian stories are too long? About 60-70 pages
each and about 40 chapters of them so far.

I'm curious to know more about this new story. How long is this first
part and how many are planned? Who are the creators?
A scan or two would also be much appreciated. Thanks.

Arthur Faria:
Speaking of scans, it's a great job you're doing on those Brazilian
stories for us. I know from experience that there's a lot of work in
translating and lettering stories even with the aid of a good image
editor. Thanks for the effort. I enjoy the stories very much and hope
many others do too.


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