Please help/ Duck family question

Juliet Violette julietv at
Thu Apr 27 21:56:34 CEST 2000

I have been asked a question about Duck comics
that I really don't have a good answer to.  Can
anyone help?

I know the Duck family is pretty old and there are
hundreds and hundreds
of story written on them from before. I was
interested in getting a comic
about Donald's family (his parents, siblings,
etc.) or the story of Scrooge
and his life. I know they are available in out of
print comics, but they are
hard to get. Is there a book written about the
Duck family and its
geneology thats easy to access?
I'd like to give this (anonymous) person the best
possible answer... I can advise him on the Rosa
comics about Scrooge's life.

(I hope he's not on this list -- how embarassing.)


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