Brazilian Disney Comic Stories

Thierry Fernand favio31 at
Tue Aug 1 19:14:04 CEST 2000

Hi everyone,

Thanks to a member of this mailing list, I have uploaded 6 of 
the Brazilian stories Arthur Faria translated in English. The 
entry page is at:
The stories are supposed to stay there permanently.

Links to two other Brazilian stories (in Italian and 
Portuguese) have been added as well. The site is meant to be 
the "Brazilian section" of Disney Comic online (which have 
been slightly updated once again, with a link to a 
gottfredson story sent by Paolo Castagno

But "Brazilian Disney Comics" is also meant to be a way for 
Disney Comic fans used to American (and European) stories to 
discover "new worlds".

Thanks for your message, and for the list of translated 
Brazilian stories. I plan to put the rest on the web in the 
near future.


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