Disney Universe?!

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at uol.com.br
Wed Aug 2 18:19:56 CEST 2000

Don writted:
"Someone else might enjoy a universe peopled by all the Disney characters at
once where talking super-intelligent chipmunks meet living wooden puppets
and such, and that's fine, but they shouldn't expect anything like that in
*all* stories in a Disney comic, and certainly not in mine."

  I agree with Don, and  think that a more "real" historie is better than
another with so much fantasy. In other way, and in my case, as a very young
Disney writter, I can't do some things that Don do, for example, with a
character as Joe Carioca. I can't put him living on the 40's, for example,
as in his movies, or on the firsts Carioca Strips just because we ned to use
the actual model sheet of the character. The modern place he lives. And, if
I can do it, I will appear with a special problem. If I put this character
into a more "real"world, living on the 40's in Brazil, I will be doing a
contrariety, because the Brazil we see in "Saludos Amigos" and "The Three
Caballeros"is not REAL, in fact it is Surreal world, and it is one of the
reasons because this films are not very much accept in Brazil, because the
critics didn't see that Disney ARE NOT triyng to represent a realistic
place, they are doing then vision of it. But this is another discussion.
    So, I need to do my Carioca histories in two ways, I think. One, is
representing a modern, 2000 year, Rio de Janeiro, but forgetting some(not
all) of the "historical facts"made by others before me, just trying to
maintain the live of the character more credible as it is possible. Another
is doing a more surrealistic comic, basead into the characters personality,
and making the historie behind the character. I try to use this two ways.
When I writted the Timon and Pumbaa-Zé Carioca crossover, I'm just thinking
in put the personalites of this characters in conflit. First, I'm "using"
the Timon and Punbaa series characters, and not the "Lion King's Timon and
Pumba". So, they are more HUMAN in the series and less REAL animals as in
the original movie. So, it is accetable to put two human animal characters
with another human character, as José is. More or less, as Chip and Dale is
accetable to appear with Donald.
    So, I think that some charactes didn't appear weel with others.If there
are no character personalit way to put the characters togheter, there are no
historie behind then. It will be just a two characters historie, but I think
it will be a very boring one, and not a interisting way to see the character
togheter. So, I think that we can do a less Real historie sometimes, if the
comic will be interisting, not just to see a "Disney Crossover" whitout any
    Of course, in this case, Disney don't permit this historie. I don't know
if this can be done around the world. Maybe, one day, I will translate the
Rough of this to show to you.

For this reason, I'm very ansious to see "The Three Caballeros Rides Again",
because Don CAN put the 40,s Carioca into Barks universe.

Of course, it is just my oppinion,
Fernando Ventura!

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