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Sat Aug 5 18:27:04 CEST 2000

Don Rosa wrote:
> Remember this Duckburg world is not a "Disney World"...
> it was created by Dell and by Barks. I find it's a bigger
> challenge and a more satisfying accomplishment to produce
> (hopefully) entertaining stories under such limiting
> parameters of logic and actual history.
> Plus, that's the way Barks did it (unless ordered to do
> otherwise by his editors) and that's the way I likes it.

Clement le Hyaric:
> I think Don is right when he says Barks' Duck universe is
> not a fantasy universe

I too think that Don is rigth. I've always seen Barks' 
universe as a real word; Donald and other Duckies as humans. 
Barks' universe (and lots of other Duck artists' universes) 
are not a kind of ("childish"?) Disney fairy tales. They are 
somehow anti-Disney.
In most of Barks' ten-pagers the Ducks live in an ordinary 
American city. In the long adventures, the stories are based 
on history: the fountain of youth story or "Ghost of the 
Grotto" contain long explanations of everything.
I love "Letter to Santa" but have always been disappointed by 
the end of the story (the appearance of Santa). This ending 
seems impossible to me, at least in Barks' universe. I would 
not be surprised if this idea was imposed to him by his 
editors. "Trick or Treat" or "the Golden Christmas Tree" are 
"wrong" as well, even if both stories contain some magical 
and typical Barks pages. I'm convinced that Barks would never 
have done a story like "Trick or Treat" if it was not a 
command of its editors.


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