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robert gibson robgsb at
Sun Aug 6 21:41:20 CEST 2000

    Anyone here read Scott McCloud's"Reinventing Comics" or
"Understanding Comics"? Interesting stuff. He thinks the Internet will
be the salvation of the industry.
    I always felt the Barks universe was "real", and recall the
adventures stimulating my interest in mythology, history, archaelogy,
physics, etc. I recall having difficulty with the "shrinking /expanding
Santa" in CP #1, although it was a novel approach to solving the
"sliding down the chimney" problem. I liked it that Barks remained
largely nonsectarian and didn't feel the need to appeal to religion or
fantasy  to make his stories work
    I wonder if the decision by  Disney/Dell to soft sell religion was
partly political or strictly business. I recall being shocked by Uncle
Walt's decision to endorse a political candidate (Actor George Murphy)
for Senator from California in 1964.
    I note the plug for Snow White("...hag who looks somewhat like witch
who poisoned Snow White.") in Golden Christmas Tree. Could it be Disney
was re-releasing "Snow White" around that time?

        "I came down the chimney, but don't think I'm Santa Claus!"
                                    Donald to the Witch holding his
nephews prisoner("Golden Christams Tree")


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