Update on Local Access Interview w/ Mr. Don Rosa

F. A. Elliott eliot508 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 03:09:04 CEST 2000

Sirs & Madams,

I'm very enthusiastic concerning the responses I've
received for my Local Access TV Show interview with
Mr. Don Rosa, including fans, webpages, The New Comic
Reader, and the publisher of Alter Ego. I wish
enthusiasm in America was as equal.

A little bird, or maybe a little duck, helped me 
realize the wisdom in first letting Mr. Rosa view the
finished product. After his acceptance, "and only
after 'his' acceptance," will I then proceed.

As for making a mpeg, avi, or Real Video version,
Thomas Lauritsen, www.duckburg.dk, has informed me his
idea of the interview being uploaded to a webpage
probably wouldn't work. I also think it would look

I think the only obstacle now for those in other
countries is stamps; wherefore, after I know ones
address I can tell you just how much it would cost me
to send you a tape. The latter also also depends on if
you send me a tape or if I buy it. Anyway, the
positive side to all this is I think modern vcrs in
other countries will now play american vhs tapes and
vice-versa. This is definitely a learning experience.

Thanks again everybody for corresponding. I'll be
sending a copy off to Mr. Rosa any day now. God bless.

F.A. Elliott

The 'one' who has a finger on 'it'... scratches against the mahogany lining of a coffin crying, "I am Jonah! I am Jonah! Spit me back out so I may see and feel the light of day again." And, the levithan does not heed for it knows every great epic must come to an 'end.'
A tasty morsel known as... "understanding."  (F.A. Elliott)


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