Gladstone's luck

Roger Brown rhbrown at
Wed Aug 9 17:12:38 CEST 2000

>No, it was in the adventure story "Race To The South Seas" first 
>published in the giveaway Boys & Girls March of Comics no 41 in 
>1949. The next story including Gladstone's luck should be "Luck Of 
>The North" from OS 256 in December 1949.

How does the "Rival Beachcombers" (WDC 103) tale fit in to this 
sequence of stories about Gladstone's luck? Seems to me that 
represented both Gladstone's lazy nature AND his luck!! It appeared 
in April 1949 and was one of my favorites as an 8-year-old just 
falling in love with WD C&S!

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