For whoever is getting a video, comic, or ect. from FA Elliott

F. A. Elliott eliot508 at
Fri Aug 11 21:06:25 CEST 2000

I hope I haven't made a "big" mistake! It dawned on me
10 min ago that my post office may not accept mail
sent to me with "O'Little Mouse Productions" as the
heading. The P.O. Box may only accept mail addressed
to "Fievel Elliott" and "W.B.N.W." (one of my local
access programs). 

Anyway, the problem's now fixed. I just pray nobody's
(especially someone overwaters) already has mail being
forwarded back to them. I try and do a good deed and
it backfires on me.

F.A. Elliott

The 'one' who has a finger on 'it'... scratches against the mahogany lining of a coffin crying, "I am Jonah! I am Jonah! Spit me back out so I may see and feel the light of day again." And, the levithan does not heed for it knows every great epic must come to an 'end.'
A tasty morsel known as... "understanding."  (F.A. Elliott)


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