Van Horn e-mail & possible problem with eBay ad JALustig at
Sat Aug 12 22:41:21 CEST 2000

I've been contacted by a mailing list member who says he checked out my eBay 
auction for Van Horn artwork, but that he can't view the image of the artwork 
I'd posted. I've e-mailed a copy of the graphic to him, but I'm wondering if 
other people are having the same problem. This is the first time I've ever 
tried to sell anything on eBay and I'm wondering if I've made a mistake 
somehow in the way I did it. If you've looked at the auction listing, but 
can't see the picture then please let me know (through private e-mail.) I'll 
be happy to e-mail you a copy of the image. It's an 83k jpeg. I hope that 
isn't too big. If so I can send a smaller version.

I do intend to post a couple of more pieces of Van Horn artwork (plus some of 
my Last Kiss comic book artwork) on eBay in a couple of days, so I'd really 
appreciate some feedback from people as to whether they can see the art in 
the current eBay listing. 

On a somewhat related, but different matter...

Fernando Ventura! wanted to know why I said that William Van Horn will 
probably never have internet access. I spoke with Bill a few minutes ago 
about this  (by a wonderful, new invention called a "telephone.") After he 
got through laughing, he said, "Tell him I'm 104 years old and I don't 
believe in that stuff."

Actually, Bill's only 61. As to the real reason he's not on the 
Internet...well, I don't really have an answer. Bill doesn't have a computer 
or a fax machine--things that I couldn't get along without. He just doesn't 
find them necessary.

I don't think Bill's afraid of technology or hates it. For instance, he's got 
a DVD player and far more DVD's than I do. But that's something useful (from 
his viewpoint) and it's fairly low tech in terms of usage. (His son, Noel, 
hooked it up for him. But Noel doesn't have a computer or fax machine either.)

In part, I think Bill feels that computers are something he just doesn't need 
to know about. In fact, he often finds it amusing when I'm having computer 
problems and I end up wasting a great deal of time...on a device that was 
invented to save people time.

I guess Bill would rather spend his time drawing and not waste it "saving 
time" using a computer.

--John Lustig

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