Eirik Jørgensen Sollie eirik.sollie at c2i.net
Sun Aug 13 00:56:05 CEST 2000

I am new on this list and think it is about time I make myself heard. Let me
at once say: I am Norwegian, consequently English is my second language. So
please overlook the numerous grammatical, and orthographical, mistakes I am
bound to make.

I have not followed the discussions on the list previously. I have only had
a quick glance at the messages from August. It seems like there have been
some quarrel, or at least disagreement. Involving Don Rosa, Daniel van
Eijmeren as far as I can tell. Then people have reacted to this quarrel.
Some have found it ridiculous, others have expressed their pleasure about

John Garvin obviously find the disagreement most entertaining. He claims
that such discussions make this list come alive. To a certain extent, I
agree with him. He really makes some valid points. Such a forum needs some
“temperature”, and controversial meanings. After all it is a forum for
discussion. One should not be to serious, or scientific about it. After all,
we are discussing comic books!

I also tends to disagree, though. What strikes me in the Rosa/Van Ejemeren
conversation is the focus on person. That is what makes the discussion seem
ridiculous, and has someone said: ”childlike”. What I think is most
important is: stick to the case. You could very well state your opinion, and
also use as many offensive words you like, as long as you talking about the
subject - which often is related to comic books!? After all, if you really
want to share your thoughts about human behaviour there should be a lot of
discussion list on psychology online
 (I do have to agree with John Garvin,
though, the discussion really was entertaining)

Well, that was all for this time.

Eirik Sollie

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