perhaps i should clarify............

Rodney w bowcock jr. rodney-selfhelpbikeco at
Tue Aug 15 00:19:01 CEST 2000

I think I should clear something up here.  I too think that rousing
discussion has a big place with this group, and I certainly find it more
interesting than endless lists of stories and codes, though I understand
how helpful those are to the ones who are working on special projects and
things.  What I was complaining (for lack of a better word) about, was
when the discussions get so heated, that it seems like people are taking
offense to the things said.  One of the points that I meant to bring out,
that I may not have done a very good job with, was that "everything is
open to reader interpretation", and there's no reason for us to get upset
just because someone doesn't agree with something that is said.  I don't
think this should become a free-for-all where we just throw out our
opinions and argue when someone doesn't agree with us.  That could get
out of hand very quickly, but discussion is good.  

The main thing that I didn't like, was people basically saying "All of
the posts that (insert name here) sends are boring."  That *is* a
personal attack and, as far as I'm concerned it wasn't called for.  I
know some were curious as to what exactly set me off, so I guess this is
as good a time as any to tell all of you.

Sometimes I think much faster than I type, and I usually think for a
couple days about how I'm going to word something, but it doesn't always
come across right.  I hope this has cleared some things up.

And for those of you who have threatened me with violence...........I
always make an attempt to treat the other list members with respect, even
if I don't agree with them,  so please grant me the same courtesy.  I
can't think of anything more uncalled for than threatening to beat me up
because I don't agree with someone's views.  

Rodney Bowcock

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