someone else scrooge borrowed money from?

Rodney w bowcock jr. rodney-selfhelpbikeco at
Tue Aug 15 03:49:26 CEST 2000

In the 10 pager in WDCS 164, Scrooge talks about a person named Miss
Pennywise who owns an old note of his, that in his words "could ruin me!"

I do know that by this point in time (1954) Barks had largely developed
the Scrooge character, so my question is:  Is this the forgotten person
Scrooge borrowed money from?  I wonder why he borrowed the money, and
where he ran into her in the past.  Could this be something that might
turn up in a new Life and Times chapter?  Or maybe it's already been
taken care of, and I missed it?  Up until re-reading this story I thought
Soapy Slick was the only person Scrooge borrowed money from.

Rodney Bowcock

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