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The most interesting part of the Rosa-calendar was the first page. This
shows HDL bathing, fishing an playing ball, but still looking very bored.
They are daydreaming about being back to school, having a swell time there.
This is rather unusual, as the boys are for the most part portaited as not
liking school very much, and not wanting to go back after the holiday. See
for instance 'The Truant Nephews' (WDC 133) or 'Playin' Hookey' (WDC 72) or
'Houseboat Holiday' (WDC 142). The drawing also made me wonder how old HDL
really are. I have always considered them being about 10 years, but the
subjects they are studying in their daydream looked very advanced for that
age. Also, laying on the ground are several comics. Most of these have the
logo of the norwegian weekly, but there's another different-looking comic
featuring Scrooge that don't have this logo. I just can't figure out if the
logo on this comic is something meanigful or not. ???

Now on to a completely different topic. a Couple of weeks ago we saw a brand
new Disney-publication in Norway (Scandianvia?). This is a quality-paper
comic with title 'Back at Last', this time featuring Fethry. This comic will
feature Disney-characters that are not so very often seen in todays
weeklies. This first issue features Fethry-stories first printed in
1965-1975. The best stories are written by Dick Kenney and drawn by Al
Hubbard. The first story is 'The Health Nut' (S 64008). This is the first
story featuring Fethry, and also the first story with Tabby, Donald's cat.
This is a funny story where Fethry wants Donald to become healthier. The
next story is maybe the best one. This is 'Fall Guy' (S 65049) where Fethry
wants to ride in a barrel in the Niagara. If you want a complete info about
the content in this comic, the swedish version is allready indexed in
INDUCKS. The comic is highly recommended, even if some of the stories don't
have their original length, and some of the stories at the end of the comic
are not as good as the rest.
The next issue will feature Moby Duck. I just wonder how long this
publication will last. There aren't really that many nearly-forgotten
characters that the common reader will buy comics of, when the price is
nearly three times more than the weekly. I hope that I'm wrong though,
because I salute the effort of bringing some of these characters back.

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