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Wouter Wouter at
Tue Aug 15 12:33:55 CEST 2000

Hello! Halvor wrote:

> The most interesting part of the Rosa-calendar was the first page. This
> shows HDL bathing, fishing an playing ball, but still looking very bored.
> They are daydreaming about being back to school, having a swell time
> This is rather unusual, as the boys are for the most part portaited as not
> liking school very much, and not wanting to go back after the holiday. See
> for instance 'The Truant Nephews' (WDC 133) or 'Playin' Hookey' (WDC 72)
> 'Houseboat Holiday' (WDC 142).

I really liked that drawing, because it was very funny, one of the funniest
Duck-drawings I have ever seen. I don't think you should take it too
serious, I think it's ment to show an opposite world, just because it's
funny and it has to do with the school scheme. I didn't know it was part of
a school scheme before, by the way, but even then I found it to be a great

Rodney wrote:

- And for those of you who have threatened me with violence...........I
always make an attempt to treat the other list members with respect, even
if I don't agree with them,  so please grant me the same courtesy.  I
can't think of anything more uncalled for than threatening to beat me up
because I don't agree with someone's views.  -

I don't think treathening people with violence is a healthy way to keep up a
discussion, Jones and Donald should have shown us that this doesn't take us
anywhere. Can be please just have a healthy discussion, about the change in
Gladstone's height or something?
And will the people treathening Rodney make their apologies?
Well, I hope I don't wind beaten up for this,


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