Pistoles and Amadeu

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Tue Aug 15 09:27:59 CEST 2000

Don Rosa (re: "Torch"):
> (My policy is to never answer questions from people using pseudonyms, but
> the writer's name was given at the end of the rest of his message.)

Ooops.  That was unintentional and has been changed. ;-) I sometimes use the
handle of "Torch" or, rather "The Human Torch" (from Marvel's Fantastic Four)
when chatting with my other comicbook fans... but that's another story...

As for your answer concerning the origin of the name "Pistoles" I found
that fascinating!  I love these little, previously unknown facts, which
feel like lost treasure to me.  I would like to mention this in the 
HooZoo file for Panchito and give you the credit for rediscovering this
item since Disney never mentions it in any of the modern publications 
which speak of Panchito or the film "The Three Caballeros."  I also
found it humorous that the Mexican Disney publications had to correct
Disney's creation of a Mexican character! :-)

Fernando Ventura (re: Amadeu)
> Hum, Amadeu lived on Rio, with José! In fact, one more of his neighbors
> ...in this time, there are just Nestor and Pedrão as José's friends, 
> and he is living in a slum, a poorer. I have never heard where he comes 
> from, or where he is going after these stories. Maybe Arthur Faria Jr 
> can ad more to it! I can do the scans, but I don't know how to make them
> avaiable! Maybe I can send you, Rich, and you can make avaiable in the
> list!

Graciously Paolo Fontanesi sent to me a scan which I am happy to make 
available to the list.  However, in my humble opinion, it looks very,
very much like the way Renato Canini would have drawn Ellsworth. I 
suspect that Canini played fast and loose with the character of Ellsworth
and just borrowed him for Jose's cast for a while without explaining
anything.  I'd like to hear other opinions since, even thought this
is apparently a story reprinted from Brazil into an Italian publication
and the name is only slightly altered to "Amedeo", I'm betting that 
most would agree that he is still Ellsworth (Genius, Gancio, etc.).

Thank you for the replies I've recieved so far! ;-)

Rich Bellacera
xephyr at jps.net

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