DCML digest, Vol 1 #230 - 16 msgs

Tarjei Kidd Olsen tarj123 at online.no
Tue Aug 15 17:38:42 CEST 2000

Don Rosa wrote:

> Well, jeepers, they don't put my stories in the next issue >they print after
> it arrives from FedEx.

Well jeez (sorry couldn't resist :), that wasn't what I meant. I just have some vague memory of someone complaining about how it'd take ages for this story to show up in Norway, so i though there'd maybe been some strange policy-decision regarding this particular story.

> and Destinies"). My "Three Caballeros Ride Again!" will be >in issue #40 of
> this year's Egmont weeklies, that's the first week of >October, I think.

Great, I'll be studying in England then (three long years!). Back to subscribing...

Rodney wrote:
Lots of stuff i agree with (regarding inflammatory discussions).
Oh, and if someone's being so childish they're sending threats like that, you should publish his/her name so that person can be banned from the list (at least that particular addy).

This is just like Napster, where there's a bunch of people posting really stupid and insulting messages that definitely don't further the cause of Napster.

Halvor Sandven:

>but there's another different-looking comic
> featuring Scrooge that don't have this logo. I just can't figure out if the
> logo on this comic is something meanigful or not. ???

Well I don't know about that one.. But I'M wondering about the cover with the fierce looking Donald!
I don't have my "Life & Times" series accessible right now, but isn't that cover based on that magazine by Scrooges...  Steamboat Captain Uncle was it? Which in turn was based on Buffalo Bill magazine from 1907 or so? No?


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