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Oyvind J. Karstad oyvind at
Tue Aug 15 18:31:54 CEST 2000

Halvor Sandven wrote:
>I think the most interesting part og the Rosa-Calendar was the first page,
>showing HDL bathing, fishing and playing with ball, but looking very bored
>doing this. Instead they daydream about being back to school, having a swell
>time there. This is rather unusual. Even if the boys always are interested
>in learning new things, they are for the most part portraited as not wanting
>to go back to school after the holiday. 

I thought HDL looked so sad because the school would sart soon,
and that the gag was that because of worrying about school they actually 
were more bored doing the fun things than they would have been in school.
Did I misunderstand?

Rodney Bowcock wrote:
>Up until re-reading this story I thought Soapy Slick 
>was the only person Scrooge borrowed money from.

Remember that this is only according to Don Rosa.
In many stories of other writers Scrooge have had loans.

Oyvind J. Karstad
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