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Oyvind J. Karstad oyvind at
Mon Aug 14 20:14:01 CEST 2000

Don Rosa wrote:

>I "least expected" it myself! That's something I did a year ago for
>Finland's non-Egmont publisher. They often ask me for special jobs, like
>the covers to go along with the stories I do for Egmont of France, or for
>texts and covers for their hardback Rosa books, or texts and cover for the
>special Rosa-pin-up calendar they are doing right now. 

Can someone give me some more information about this calendar?
I seem to remember that it should contain covers (pin-ups?) from Picsou,
but I'm not sure about that.
When will it be published?

>But if want to know about such things, I'll tell you that I just finished
>24 vignette gags each using a different Duckburg character for a Christmas
>Calendar that will appear this year in Egmont editions (at least in Norway).

Great! I'm really looking forward to this!

Tarjei K. Olsen wrote:

>Why hasn't Norway printed that new Don Rosa 
>story with The Three Caballeros (or something)?

It will be published here (probably in September or October).
Because of the large number of stories produced for Egmont,
it will always take some time from a story is finsished until it gets published.
Usually half a year, or more, i think.

Oyvind J. Karstad

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