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>     4. Re: Pistoles and Amadeu (Rich)

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> Fernando Ventura (re: Amadeu)
> > Hum, Amadeu lived on Rio, with José! In fact, one more of his neighbors
> > ...in this time, there are just Nestor and Pedrão as José's friends,
> > and he is living in a slum, a poorer. I have never heard where he comes
> > from, or where he is going after these stories. Maybe Arthur Faria Jr
> > can ad more to it! I can do the scans, but I don't know how to make them
> > avaiable! Maybe I can send you, Rich, and you can make avaiable in the
> > list!
> Graciously Paolo Fontanesi sent to me a scan which I am happy to make
> available to the list.  However, in my humble opinion, it looks very,
> very much like the way Renato Canini would have drawn Ellsworth. I
> suspect that Canini played fast and loose with the character of Ellsworth
> and just borrowed him for Jose's cast for a while without explaining
> anything.  I'd like to hear other opinions since, even thought this
> is apparently a story reprinted from Brazil into an Italian publication
> and the name is only slightly altered to "Amedeo", I'm betting that
> most would agree that he is still Ellsworth (Genius, Gancio, etc.).
> http://www.jps.net/xephyr/SCANS/amedeo.gif
> Thank you for the replies I've recieved so far! ;-)
> Rich Bellacera
> xephyr at jps.net

Oh, my loved comics! Since I have move for another home, my DCs are
closed in boxes hard to find a special number. But, if as far as I can
remember, Amadeo is a crown who appeared on stories with Michey and
Goofy (and he was not a school boy as is sugested in this scan). Later
he appeared with Joe Carioca, for a short period of time. I don't know
his English name, but I don't think he is a brazilian character. I will
try to find some Ze Carioca's comics in the boxes this weekend.

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