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Fri Aug 18 10:21:20 CEST 2000

I was reading the text piece in the back of Uncle
Scrooge #219, and was under the impression that a
scene involving Glomgold, Scrooge, Donald, and the
newphews was dropped. In the text I think Don Rosa
states he wanted to have a conversation take place
around a campfire between the boys and Glomgold, where
he's asked why he's so driven to prove himself better
than Scrooge.

At this point Glomgold would've related a tale
similiar to what Don Rosa eventually used in the Life
& Times of Scrooge McDuck.

Now I know the word count for the Son of the Sun story
was trimmed down, but I didn't think any scenes were
dropped. Now I want to read the Pertwillaby Papers
adventure Son of the Sun was based off of. Oh, well,
there's suppose to be a collection coming out for
worldwide distribution soon from Norway.

"Warning Spoiler! Don't read unless you've read it

Anyway rereading the story again, I really got a kick
when Scrooge nonchalantly points out he's already
radioed the authorities and claimed ownership of the
gold. Great scene where Glomgold is running off and
then stops on a dime when learning this. Scrooge is in
the middle of fixing eggs and it's agreed on they'll
all take sunny side up. 

Another great moment is when Glomgold yells at the old
guide at the end of the story, which we saw near the
beginning of the story, "Did you find the hidden
gold?" And Glomgold explodes, "Yes blast it! It's at
the bottom of that confounded lake!" "Well isn't that
what I always said," replys the guide? Just classic! 
Still, Sun of the Sun is not my favorite Don Rosa
story. That one goes to Return to Xanadu. But, of
course I still have to read Last Sled to Dawson. Oh,
well, so long Scroogy! God bless.

F.A. Elliott.

The 'one' who has a finger on 'it'... scratches against the mahogany lining of a coffin crying, "I am Jonah! I am Jonah! Spit me back out so I may see and feel the light of day again." And, the levithan does not heed for it knows every great epic must come to an 'end.'
A tasty morsel known as... "understanding."  (F.A. Elliott)


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