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> buy an EC small series. One thing i gotta know, are they really spooky? Are
> they that good? Are they still good to read for the younger generations of
> today, especially nonAmerican??? Off-topic of course, sorry about that.

I know I'm going to speak heresy, but my feeling about EC comics, at
least those reprinted first by Gladstone and then by Russ Cochran some
years ago, is that they are *boring*. Admittedly there are some very
ingenious plot twists, but when you know that the aliens are going to
be nasty, and that when you see a married couple one of them is going to
murder the other by the end of the story, you can't help feeling bored,
no matter what ingenious way the aliens have found to be nasty this time,
or how igenious a way someone finds to murder their spouse.

Despite these negative comments, I think that you will find reading a
sampling of the EC stories quite enjoyable. I know I did at first, and it
was only after reading several stories that I started getting this feeling
of boredom. As to your worries about whether they might appeal to modern
non-Americans, although the characters in the stories are stereotypical
white Americans of the fifties, the situations in which these characters
find themselves are weird enough that this becomes largely irrelevant.

(Speaking of EC comics, are they still being reprinted? I stopped
subscribing a long time ago, and at that time the reprints weren't
doing very well, as I remember readers were being asked to buy multiple
copies(!) to help out.)

Spa fon,

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