Don Rosa in Spain... and in the States ?

Eta Beta eega at
Tue Aug 22 16:39:07 CEST 2000

Don Rosa wrote:

>it rained nearly the whole time I was there, proving that the rain in
>Spain does not fall mainly where Prof. Higgins claims.
>And there was no Spanish Inquisition, but I never expect that, anyway.
>Nobody does.

:-)))  I'm so glad I can still appreciate some of your omnivorously
erudite wit in your messages, after nearly two years without your
stories in English language... thanks for sharing your own "Sketches
of Spain"  :-)

But this reminds me of a question I meant to ask here for a while...

Can anybody explain the reason why the matter of getting a licence
for publishing Disney comics in the States is SO complicated, to the
point of impossibility, apparently ?

I assume the problem is mostly of the monetary persuasion, but does
anybody know what Disney's requirements actually are ?


Eta Beta

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