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Don wrote:

>...I can continue to ignore Fethry and
>Moby, and use Ludwig when I wish. (Lugwig is a fine character as far as I'm
>concerned -- his usage on TV in 1961-62 when I was a tad was pleasant
>enough, and Barks did use him once so a Barksian-precedent has been set for

Okay, I think I've got Don over a barrel on this one. He sees Ludwig 
Von Drake appear in one Barks one-pager and that validates this 
somewhat controversial character in his eyes. However, he dismisses 
entire major Barks works such as "The Magic Hourglass" and "Island in 
the Sky" just because they don't seem to fit into his interpretation 
of Scrooge and Duckburg. How arbitrary can you be?

But he's right, darn him. Much as I love "Island in the Sky", it and 
"...Hourglass" do present major continuity problems for most anyone's 
view of an "ordered" Disney duck universe, while there doesn't seem 
to be any real reason why Ludwig couldn't be living in Don's 
Duckburg. The same could be said for Fethry and Moby Duck, but Don 
just doesn't have an interest in them. It's all a matter of what 
works, or could work if it was allowed.

And it's interesting that in talking about what is and isn't allowed 
here, we're dealing with directives from Egmont, not Disney.

>  And there was no Spanish Inquisition, but I never expect that, anyway.
>Nobody does.

In fact, those who do...

"I think we're missing a check or balance somewhere." - Wally

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