The Death of Scrooge ?!?

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Wed Aug 23 00:40:58 CEST 2000

F.A. Elliott wrote:

"Still, I'm the kind of person that thinks every great fictional story needs
to have a beginning, middle, and ending. I also think Don Rosa is a stickler
for continuity, at least in the time frame or universe that Carl Barks laid
down. So, I'm going to ask him or any of you a question that's probably been
asked before. Is there a story to be told (imaginary or as you truly
see it) where we see the final days of Scrooge McDuck? If yes, then how do
you see it panning out? [...] Don Rosa's already handled the death of
Scrooge's parents with finite tact. Why not Scrooge himself? At least in an
imaginary story? Hmm, time
will tell...time will tell... No matter what, I say we have to have that
"sunset!" Another Rainbow - meets - The Final Sunset. God bless".


Really, what a strange idea! A few weeks ago, I wrote a mail in order to
defend Don Rosa's vision of Barks' universe (as a logical and historic
universe more than a fantasy one). Nevertheless, I think that the logic and
historic context of Barks' and Don's stories is only meant to serve as
moving and acting rules for their characters (the reader is very pleased to
see the true, real history experienced, lived by an "alternative people").
It must not influence directly the characters themself, or mark them in a
way, because Barks' or Rosa's Ducks DON'T BECOME anymore : they ARE and HAVE
BEEN, but they become no longer. Only REAL ducks grow old (you know: the
ones which don't speak but say 'quack quack'). Barks' and Rosa's ducks have
a past and a present, but not a future. Don (who will tell me if I'm wrong)
has written "Life and Times of Scrooge Mc Duck" to relate how Scrooge has
become what he IS: this "IS" is eternal and untemporal; Scrooge will not
become anymore and - so - he'll never die. Moreover, although Barks has
constructed his universe as an "open" universe, he certainly hopes that no
drawer will "kill" one of his characters - which would change his universe
into a "closed" universe.
It is only my opinion (a fan opinion) and, of course, yours is as
respectable, but I absolutely disagree: I'd HATE a story which would tell us
the death of Scrooge Mc Duck (or any other Disney character).

Clement Le Hyaric-

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