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 >>>Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Walt Disney Digest #21,
 '70?  Or if not, can someone please describe the cover & cover artist?
 Those covers were always a montage of smaller pictures or scenes depicting
 the various stories reprinted in the issue. That particular cover has the
 left third showing an upright bear with two cubs with the title "True Life
 Adventure on Bear Island", the right two-thirds show a scene from Barks'
 "Ice Taxi to Beaver Island" by Strobl, and there are a few other heads in
 with the other titles showing in the strip across the bottom part of the
 cover. Any original art that was used on these covers would be on separate
 bits of paper.
Thank you,  :D
Perhaps this was a mock-up then?  Pictures don't jive with what I have.  

It's on an 11"x14" piece of stiff paper with blue pencil marks.  Any titles 
sections are blocked out in blue pencil.  Pics are in black ink(?)
Main pic in shows Mickey & Goofy in a rowboat with a volcano exploding in the 
background.  Vertically along the right side are 3 smaller pics with Pluto, 
then a rabbit & dragon, then Donald Duck on a horse.
Across the bottom, in blue pencil is a circled '1' & "Glossy POS Sharp!" and 
"1 Neg", then some measurements.  Then in black ink, "COVER #1   W.D. Digest 
#21   Feb '70"  and a W (?) squigled in the right corner.

Does this ring any bells with anyone?  

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