Death of Scrooge and "Mercedes"

Henri Knne HJC.Kunne at
Wed Aug 23 23:51:17 CEST 2000

At 12:00 23-8-00 +0200, you wrote:

>'68 Mercedes 220D "Rommel"
>'71 Mercedes 250/8 "Iltis"
>'61 Mercedes 220b "Blue Max"

Hey, what do these car photographs mean in a Disney comic list? I wasted my 

>It is only my opinion (a fan opinion) and, of course, yours is as
>respectable, but I absolutely disagree: I'd HATE a story which would tell us
>the death of Scrooge Mc Duck (or any other Disney character).
>Clement Le Hyaric-

I cannot agree. I rather think it's going to be interesting, and I'd be really
disappointed if Don decided not to tell a story that, in a sense, already
exists. After all, those heaps of text writers and artists together have
created a Duckburg so full of irresolvable contradictions - it wouldn't matter
a great deal if he's going to add just one more.
         Greetings, Henri

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