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Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Thu Aug 24 17:29:03 CEST 2000


> [...] I also enjoyed seeing the original
> Italian beginning of the story for the first time, Soren!  

Great, and since you're from Germany, I'm sure you'll like the
following as well. In Germany in Lustiges Taschenbuch no. 7 in the
story I TL  385-A ("Archimede e il signor Scherzo" by Chendi/Bottaro), a
variation over the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theme--again a split
personality is the topic--you'll find:

however in Denmark (and probably elsewhere in Scandinavia) this page was
*not* redrawn by Perego, and here is what really happens to the poor

Litterally shocking, isn't it? :-)

There are many more of such examples. I remember a Chierchini story,
where Donald and the kids throw rotten eggs into the money bin in
order to "dope" the Beagle Boys. Later I was told that this sequence was
completely redrawn. In fact the basket with rotten eggs was originally
a box with teargas.

I wonder if any of those redrawn panels were ever used in Italy, I
mean, Giuseppe Perego *is* Italian after all...


P.S. And I *love* "L'antipaperone". Little Helper is *so* cute. Note how
he lightens up when he touches the electric fence (and much much more).

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