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Thu Aug 24 19:11:01 CEST 2000

 >>(Speaking of EC comics, are they still being reprinted? I stopped
 >>  subscribing a long time ago, and at that time the reprints weren't
 >>  doing very well, as I remember readers were being asked to buy multiple
 >>  copies(!) to help out.)

 >Well aparently in the USA, they outsell Disney Comics!       ; )
  > (but then all comics do! - there are still no  USA Disney Comics)

  > In the current Previews, the EC (Gemstone) titles for October will be
 >Patrol and War Against Crime.   I would suggest that a newcomer to EC 
 >with what I consider their best comics:  Shock Suspenstories and Crime
 >Suspenstories.  Unless you really enjoyed the TV show, I'd skip the horror
 >comics till later.

 >Steven Rowe

Hmmm...not sure which ones are EC (my extent of those comics consists of the 
stack of my mom's old comic books which I read throughly many many times
without taking much notice of company labels), but I always esp. loved the
ones such as "Strange Adventures", "Weird Science", and "House of Mystery",
to just name a few...

While I agree with Rodney on many of them being boring (I have no interest
in any of the war stories, or horror ones, and even the crime ones don't
esp. appeal to me)...there are a pretty wide range of catagories of comics
they published, and I'd expect a lot of people could find one or two titles
which they'd like.
It's really hard to compare them to the type of comics that this list is
meant for because they are a completely different style.
I don't find them half as 'entertaining' and disney comics, but they are
pretty interesting. I love science fiction literature so I find them pretty
satisfying when i'm in the mood to read a ray bradbury novel or something
along those lines....(even more so now that i've become more or less
completely bored with what's available on tv).

ok...i guess i've gotten sidetracked enough (I needed an excuse to
contribute to the list...I've felt completely out of the loop lately since
all the lucky people outside of the US are talking about all the latest
stories that are out, and it's been over 2 years since I've read a new

back to my realm of silence......

rebecca ridout

"I was down for a while...but I'm ok now"

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