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Henri Knne HJC.Kunne at net.HCC.nl
Fri Aug 25 21:30:20 CEST 2000

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>I really hated even seeing a 'not-too-distant-future' version. When the show
>"Quack Pack" came on, and tried to present a teenie-bopper version of Huey,
>Dewey and Louie, I was SO mad!!! It was TERRIBLE. It really frustrated me,
>because the audience of Disney comics is unfortunately small (well, in the
>US anyway) so the vast majority of people take what's on tv as the "real
>HD&L", completely missing all the wonderful depth to their characters...
>sigh... i give up...

Why? What's more (or less!) 'real' about the Quack Pack HD&L than about the
Barks, HD&L, the Ströbl HD&L, the Scarpa HD&L....? I got the feeling they
sometimes are more different than Quack Pack. A little thread about HD&L's
age has been up shortly, Quack Pack is only another story making them quite
a lot older. Okay, they're after the girls they once despised; is this what you
think terrible? Or maybe you're disliking their not being quite alike anymore
(possibly _not_ identical triples, after all.... ;-)? Please tell me; if not
exactly top of the bill, I found Quack Pack still interesting, and I'm just 
a bit
embarrassed about a Duck lover condemning it so hard.

>I'm pleased to report that it seems that Carl Bark's Duck universe isn't
>quite as dead in the US as it appeared to have been. Ubi Soft will soon be
>releasing a Platform game starring Donald Duck for the Nintendo 64 and the
>Playstation 2 video game consoles.

Nice to hear, but is it coming out for a simple PC, too? (Possibly in a more
distant future.)

Rosa's EC Comic covers are great! Taking a look, is sound advice for all of
us....well, for most of us. This time, I _can_ imagine not every Disney lover
is going to like this, but the drawings offer me no problem. I see the 
confronted with their deeply hidden desires (well, not that very deep for 
I guess.... <g>), and at times, I like taking a look in the psychological 
         Don, keep up the good work!
Greetings, Henri

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