Carl Barks... in memoriam. bror.hellman at
Sat Aug 26 10:39:11 CEST 2000

I can't say much more about Carl Barks than others already have
done on this list, but I must write something. Because it's so
well.. personal... 

Carl Barks is by far the most influential single author in my life. 
No other author have ment so much for 
me and my personal development.

Donald Duck was what I grew up with.  And Carl Barks was of course 
the "good" author/artist.

This wasn't unexpected. When he stopped his medication.. we all knew
there wasn't so much time left...

I met Carl Barks once... I didn't speak with him... He was in Stockholm 
and was followed by hundreds of fans and scandinavien publishing people.

I will remember Mr Barks like that... More vital than me - more than 
60 years his junior.  But happy... and he looked like he really enjoyed
being around his true fans... 

I don't know why I feel a personal loss... Barks career ended almost before 
I was born. I didn't know him at all and he surely never even saw my name...
But his works have ment so much to me and so much to a small growing boy
and formed me from a very early age...

I am not the best man on earth.. far from it... But I think I can dedicate
most of my good sides to the works of Carl Barks...

      // koll., Bror Hellman
         aka  Steamboat Willie to my friends


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