Carl Barks

Francois Willot Willot.Francois at
Sun Aug 27 19:10:43 CEST 2000

Yesterday, French channel #2 diffused a 2 or 3 minutes long report on Carl
Barks. That's all I've seen on TV.
"Le Monde" reported his death with just a few lines spelling his name "Carl
Banks". I'm sad to see that one of the greatest comic author of all times is
still mostly unknown for French medias. I hope he will have more recognition
during the weeks to come.
I thank John Garvin and Gerry Tank who forwarded fans letters to him
(including mine) during the last years of his life.

A sad goodbye to the Duck Man. If I had not discover Carl Barks, I think I
would not be interested in comics at all. 


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