Henri Knne HJC.Kunne at
Sun Aug 27 23:08:43 CEST 2000

Fellow list members,
By and by, I'm getting a feeling of being late, but I didn't
exactly know what to say. Most has been said by others
now, and I couldn't agree more. But what strikes me most,
is our loss of the very last of the great adepts. Trailers of
the newest Disney movie releases often give me a "much
ado about nothing"-feeling, even if at times there's something
interesting in the movies themselves. But that real Disney
atmosphere, trademark of the days of yore, has gone. It's
true that many of Disney's films are, well, sweeter than
Barks' realistic work; still it has that Disney touch the results
of younger people's efforts don't have. Barks knew exactly
how to get the Disney feeling in his stories without making
them childish, and for me this makes him great. Without
him, the work of the second-greatest, Don Rosa, wouldn't
have been. The same goes for all others and I say my thanks.

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