Reactions in Germany

Klaus Harms harms313 at
Tue Aug 29 10:46:09 CEST 2000

The reactions of the media in Germany on the passing of Carl Barks were
surprisingly vivid and full of sympathy. Here is a very brief and
preliminary summary.
The event was reported in virtually all TV main news broadcasts on
Friday (as I have been told: Tagesschau on ARD, heute journal on ZDF,
RTL Nachtjournal, ZIB 2 on 3sat, the latter covering about 10 minutes);
unfortunately I haven't seen any of them (meeting fellow donaldists in
Hamburg for a memorial), but someone on the net has taped most of them
and has promised to upload them as video files on the WWW, I'll keep the
list informed. All big German TV stations also had the passing of Carl
mentioned on their videotexts, on 3sat presenting it as top news all
Newspapers also reported the event in a solemn way, here's what I came
to get to know of: On Saturday, the Nordwest Zeitung (a northwest German
regional paper), Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine
and even boulevard paper BILD (all distributed German-wide) mentioned it
on the front page; Nordwest Zeitung, Weser Kurier (another regional
paper), Sueddeutsche and Die Welt also had greater articles on Carl
Barks inside. 
I have been told that the news on the passing of Carl was distributed in
Germany first by American Press on Friday at about 6 pm (CET, about 9
hours after), and unfortunately the release contained several mistakes
(i.e. Carl being the "inventor" of Donald Duck etc.); it is worth to
notice that the main errors were erased when by chance the message came
into hands of expert editors such as Fritz Goettler (Sueddeutsche
Zeitung) or Klaus Fricke (uncredited, Nordwest Zeitung).
On Monday, there was a superbly written orbituary in the Frankfurter
Allgemeine, covering a full page (including comic book panel examples),
written by fellow donaldist Andreas Platthaus. German list members are
recommended to read this one. I will provide the text if requested.

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