Blasco and wrong credits

Luca Boschi cnotw at
Fri Dec 1 15:09:04 CET 2000

Hi, Blasco and all!

Since this is the best way to contact you... I also want to tell all the
folks that your story you wrote about some days ago come out, at least, in
the December's issue of "Paperino". Very nice job, one of the best of yours,
balaced between classic duck style and "modernity".

The story is:

 #246  (12/'00)    "Paperino e la casa alla moda"
   I-P 246-1      30 pages

> _______________________________________________

Strange thinks, indeed, in this "Paperino", which has a very nice choice of
creators (Cavazzano, Carpi, Massimo de Vita... and a good Maurizio Amendola,
among the others).

Indeed, the story

"Zio Paperone e la moltiplicazione degli affitti", 38 pages, Rodolfo Cimino,
T 944; CWDNS 26; GC 103; P 246 was credited to Romano Scarpa (!).

My name from the introduction has gone lost and so the credits of the last,
new story, which seems to be a job by Gino Esposito, or Gino Scott (or some
ather nickname used by the same artist).


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