Somewhere in Nowhere book, some questions

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Fri Dec 1 22:40:35 CET 2000

On Ebay I saw the Italian "Somewhere in Nowhere" book being for sale.
(Item #509858511) I don't know how the Ebay auction system works, but
currently the price is $113.50.

This offer includes an original Block pencil drawing. Is this
drawing included with the publication or does it only belong to
this Ebay offer?

How much does the book cost in Italy? Where can it be ordered? 
Is it a limited publication? 

What does the book contain, apart from the story itself? Does it
also include detailed information on how the story was made? Are
Barks' notes (written on Block's pencil work), also included? 
Does the book also contain any Barks quotes on the making of the
story and the final result? 

Best wishes,

--- Daniel

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