Somewhere in Nowhere book, some questions

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Sat Dec 2 18:32:33 CET 2000

Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:
> On Ebay I saw the Italian "Somewhere in Nowhere" book being for sale.
> (Item #509858511) I don't know how the Ebay auction system works, but
> currently the price is $113.50.

That's crazy!

It costs 30.000 Lit (15 Euro, 13$)

> This offer includes an original Block pencil drawing. Is this
> drawing included with the publication or does it only belong to
> this Ebay offer?

Just on eBay.

> Where can it be ordered?
> Is it a limited publication?

It can be ordered by credit card directly from Disney Italia, I
think, but I'm not sure if they accept foreign orders. Their
telephone number is +39 (Italy) 0392020350

The previous issues of Tesori were numered (and limited, I
suppose) but this one doesn't have any number, so I think there
are plenty of it.

> What does the book contain, apart from the story itself? 

Editorials from Luca Boschi, Alberto Becattini and Lidia
Cannatella, then 3 other Barks stories: Paperino e le tentazioni,
Ghost  of the grotto and Mystery of the ghost town railroad (also
both in English and Italian).

> Does it also include detailed information on how the story was made? 


> Are Barks' notes (written on Block's pencil work), also included?


> Does the book also contain any Barks quotes on the making of the
> story and the final result?


BTW, it is surely worth its price!

  - Paolo

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