Censorship and the incredible shrinking tightwad

Frank Stajano fstajano at uk.research.att.com
Thu Dec 7 19:17:38 CET 2000

At 2000-12-07 14:20 +0200, Kriton Kyrimis wrote:
>Now, can we address the point that I was trying to make, which is that
>the gags that were excised from "Tightwad" were *not* Don's best, and
>that they might even be considered to be in poor taste?

I agree with that, and I'll even say that I much prefer jokes about farts 
(grossly funny) than ones about spitoons (disgusting). Different tastes I 

The interesting point for me, which I'd like to debate if I had the time, 
is the one about the editor's role. If the editor stops the author from 
doing stupid things before he does them, then it's editing (his job) and 
it's a good thing. If he okays the story and then it's later censored, it's 
bad. I think that's the core, and I agree with it, but it would be well 
worth elaborating, because the boundaries can get fuzzy.

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