McSavage Parrot gag (Barks?)

Rob Klein bi442 at
Fri Dec 8 03:21:07 CET 2000

In consideration of Daniel van Eijmeren's theory that Frank McSavage's
Parrot gag in DD OS 356 (Four Color 356) from 1951; he wanted me to bring
these comments I made to him privately, to the DCML for open discussion:

The published gag is a long-used Vaudeville gag of even older origins (more
than 100 years).  Many variations of it were used in various media while I
was growing up in the 1940s and 1950s.  It was too popular and commonly
known to be used by Barks as is.  My gut feeling is that if Barks did
submit a variation of this particular gag, he would have added an extra
twist and plot element which would have involved embarassment of Donald in
front of Daisy or her knitting group (including a clobbering of Donald at
the end), or use of $crooge as the teacher, and his embarassment in front
of a billion dollar (deal) client, ending in loss of deal.  I don't think
he would have submitted the straightforward gag, as it was too predictible.
 I've been told he will place a colour version of my re-drawing of the gag
on his website.

Rob Klein

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