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> Or even, when he did that "Sun" story, 
> what color socks was he wearing?

Why would I not be surprised if Don answered this? :-)


> On internet, I found a page on nutmeg being a drug:
> "http://www.erowid.org/plants/nutmeg/nutmeg_faq.shtml"

Aaargh! I'd better throw away those numeg-flavored mashed potatoes that
I made, before I get arrested!!!

If I remember correctly, these were supposed to be a special variety of
nutmeg, which is why Scrooge could not simply get his nutmegs at a local
store. The page you mention says that "the name nutmeg is also applied
in different countries to other fruits or seeds", which means that
these special nutmegs could be almost anything. However, the soothing
(and possibly addictive?) effect that nutmeg tea had on Scrooge would
seem to suggest that it was a bit less innocent than soda pop.

> Browsing through its contents, I'm surprised that this story got past the
> censors (concerning their standards).

I would assume that the people who okayed the story were not aware of
the addictive qualities of nutmeg. I wonder if Barks knew, however,
and used nutmeg on purpose.

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