Egmont Barks Tribute series

Don Rosa donrosa at
Tue Dec 12 15:29:09 CET 2000

Okay, I told you that I'd let you know about the series that I was doing
this Money Bin story for, and the editors finally said that it was okay.
Egmont is assembling a series of 10 stories to commemorate Barks' 100th
Birthday. Ten different artists are doing stories based on Barks' ten
greatest character creations. These stories aren't designed to be a
"tribute" in any particular fashion other than a demonstration of what
great characters these all are, and how they can successfully star in their
own stories.
I picked the Beagle Boys, but I also said that the Egmont list ignored the
Barks "character" which I think was second in importance to only $crooge
himself -- the Money Bin. So I said I would sorta do a double-character
story for both the Beagle Boys *and* the Money Bin, being "The Beagle Boys
vs. the Money Bin" to take place when $crooge isn't even home. As usual, my
fanboyitis compels me to make my story contain some "special" information
in some fashion, so I will devote at least several panels to discussions
about the origin of the Beagle Boy gang, and the building of the Money Bin,
including a full-page set of Money Bin blueprints. These blueprints will be
done with computer software so that we can change them around from time to
time, and also allow interested publishers to rearrange and augment them
and perhaps print them as poster pull-outs and such. With a few button
clicks we can change the emblem from the American "$" to the Finnish "RA"
or the Danish or Norwegian or French or German or whatever other front
emblem a publisher might wish, and it *won't* look like it was scribbled on
by a child with a magic-marker like it usually does.
But never mind, my main purpose now is to give you a list of the characters
and the artists. I assume these stories will begin appearing in March of
next year, maybe one a week for 10 weeks? I think Byron said they will all
be short stories of 5-10 pages, with the longest ones being Vicar's
Flintheart story and my Beagle Boys story (16 pages each). Here's the list
that Byron sent me:

Uncle Scrooge -- Romano Scarpa
Magica de Spell -- Daniel Branca
Flintheart Glomgold -- Vicar
Beagle Boys / Money Bin -- Don Rosa
Gladstone Gander -- Cesar Ferioli
Gyro Gearloose -- William Van Horn
Gyro's Helper -- (perhaps) Marco Rota
Junior Woodchucks -- Kari Korhonen
Neighbor Jones -- Daan Jippes
April, May, and June -- Esteban

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