R: KOMIX and original articles

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Thu Dec 7 20:46:05 CET 2000

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Dear Archontis, FRANCESCO and all...

> But let's be fair and realistic here: in order to write original articles
> you need to hire people that know both the comics and the authors

That's what a publisher shoul do. Isn't it?

> Not giving credit where credit is due will very likely continue

People who does it on regular schedule is/are LOUSY and BAD people not
deserving respect (nt mine, indeed). All of us 'd even be flattered to see
our articles translated thru the world without askin' a penny (or a drakma)
- and this is bad, indeed. But for the Disney comics' LOVE this is not the
main isuue.
Indeed, in Italy also there are guys who are used to copy our informations
without a line of credit.

Nothing more to add.
I'd like that someone can change this bad trend and these thieves'


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