Kari Korhonen

Janne Heino j.heino at pp2.inet.fi
Thu Dec 14 23:49:36 CET 2000

Hi !!

Kari Korhonen is a finnish comic writer and drawer. He has drawn comics to Winnie the Pooh, 
(finnish?)Mad, Bugs Bunny and Timon & Pumba (Lion King). And of course Duck comics. 
I like Kari's art very much and his story scripts are always great. 

You can see some examples of his drawings from this webpage http://www.goodfellows.fi/webpages/authors/karik.htm 

I'm very glad that Kari was picked up to this group of great comic drawers/writers. 
I'm sure this tribute serie will be fantastic!!!

Janne Heino

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