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Tue Dec 19 16:03:42 CET 2000

Monday December 18 10:45 AM ET
The Best and the Brightest: Donald Duck

HELSINKI (Reuters) - In its quest to hire the best and brightest, Finnish 
mobile phone software maker Wapit Ltd turned to Donald Duck.

The company has taken out an ad in the weekly comic featuring the web-footed 
Walt Disney Co. cartoon star.

``We've found that many of the best IT people read Donald Duck,'' Wapit 
marketing director and founder Mato Valtonen, the former singer in the spoof 
rockabilly band Leningrad Cowboys, said.

``A lot of our own employees read it and they say their friends and 
colleagues are huge fans,'' he told Reuters.

A spokeswoman at the comic book's publisher in Finland, Helsinki Media, said 
that some 27,000 Finns read the comic every year, the majority between the 
ages of seven and 45.

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